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How to Create Inexpensive Simplicitic Fall Tablescapes 

As seen on Twin Cities Live

When using greens and earthy elements for your table setting you can go with any style

Modern, vintage, chic, traditional, mixing styles makes the tables setting even more interesting.


For the first centerpiece I started with a wood cutting board. Placed white pumpkins down the center.

Added a leaf shape cut out of cardboard, stamped blessings, hole punched and tied leaf with a leather string,.

Make it more personable write your guests name on each leaf and place pumpkin on each place setting.

Layering, layering, layering with your place setting

Below for the modern look I used a wood charger with a white modern plate (my every day plates) then a wood appetizer plate.

Next place setting, vintage chic, I used a basket weave place mat, white plate w/gold trim bought at the dollar store,

a vintage old plate bought at a thrift store, then a wood small plate bought at a second hand store.

They all work together to create texture and interest!

Mixing metals is a go as well as mixing glassware

To create more interest and color for the centerpiece:

I added burgundy berries, rosemary and oh that smell! Fantastic!

Silverware I used my in-laws wood gold place settings, perfect for that modern rustic look.

Vintage chic place setting I used my every day silverware.

20 twin cities live greens and

Oh so pretty!

1111 fall scape 11.jpg
1111 fall scape 5.jpg

Place sage, berrys or a pumpkin at each place setting

1111 fall scape 13.jpg
10 twin cities live white pumpkins berri
1111 fall scape 12.jpg
10 twin cities live tag stuff.jpg
10 twin cities live white pumpkin with b

A few behind the scenes look on Twin Cities Live

1111 fall scape 7.jpg
1111 fall scape 14.jpg
1111 fall scape 8.jpg

 Next center piece I used seeded eucalyptus purchased at my local florists

This can be bought buy the bunch, 1 bunch was plenty. $20.00

Again, layers with the place setting adds interest, both solid, prints, together they both work.

You can see that I am showing a black and white theme, a modern and a vintage look,

which both work with this centerpiece.

If you want to add more greens to the centerpiece I went with 2 Pampas Grass stalks

The whispinss and texture is a great addition to the seeded eucalyptus.

 Small kale is another inexpensive green that adds a great texture

 For  a bit more color, I added a burgandy pear bought at my local grocery store

The pears can be placed at each place setting and/or in the centerpiece.

20 twin cities live greens.jpg
20 twin cities live simple black modern.
20 twin cities live simple black plate.j
20 Twin cities live simple.jpg
20 twin cities live simple new plate.jpg
20 twin cities live adding pears.jpg
20 twin cities live simple white and bla

Just adding a printed plate can change the entire look

Seeded Euculyptus is so elegant

Love the simplicity earthy look.


1111 fall scape.jpg
1111 fall scape 10.jpg

The green leaves of the kale adds great texture

1111 fall scape 6.jpg
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